Push.Foo - Web Push Playground

Web Push Playground

Instant push notification

Test how does the Web Push notification look like on this device

If nothing happens, click again and/or look at the icon in the address bar - you might need to allow notifications thereYou can change some parameters of the notification in the form below

Keep DevTools console open - there are many events logged for you to follow all the flow details

Multi-device push notifications

Register multiple devices and/or browsers on this device and send notifications there

Send notifications to the previously registered devices
Comma separated list of subscription IDs you got after registering the devices
You can change some parameters of the notification in the form below. Only notifications for your 10 latest device registrations will be sent.
Register this device (optional)

You must subscribe this device first using the instant notification form above

Come up with "your own" tag, so no other users can send you notifications. For example, you can use your email.

Notification properties

These properties are in use both by instant and multi-device options above

Standard properties

A full list (except deprecated) of the Notification API's Notification object members

Custom built properties

These are not part of the Notification API specification but implemented as a part of the application logic.

Customizing actions will be added in the next version of Push.Foo

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